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Preserving Our Quality of Living

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Help Preserve the Oconee County Quality of Life

Contact Your County Commissioners to
Deny The Rezone

  • John Daniell - Chairman -
  • Mark Thomas - Commissioner, Post 1 -
  • Chuck Horton - Commissioner, Post 2 -
  • Amrey Harden - Commissioner, Post 3 -
  • Mark Saxon - Commissioner, Post 4 -

Why This Issue Is Important

This rezone will cause:

  • Increased Traffic
  • Decreased Safety
  • Improper Zoning

The decreased safety and increase in traffic congestion at this vital inersection will affect nearly the entire population of Oconee County.

Latest News and Updates

Oconee County Planning Commission Recommends Denial Of Rezone (6-1 vote)!
This article summarizes the meeting and vote from the 11/14 Planning Commission meeting.
11/15/2022 Article »
Staff Report
The Oconee County Staff Report is Now Available

This report outlines our county officials reactions to the rezone application.

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Oconee County Observations Article
Lee Becker's Article on Staff Report

This article discusses the staff report related to the Rezone.

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Previously Rezone Denial
Summary of previous denial

This Rezone was previoulsy denied in 2021. This article summarizes that decision.

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